Horiba Medical

ABX Pentra 400 Overview

  • Up to 420 tests per hour with the ISE module
  • 55 on-board assays
  • Innovative cassette format
  • Integrated work station and validation station
  • Touch screen
  • Real-time viewing of your workflow

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Sample Management
    • Positive identification
    • Multiple sample checks using crash, level and clot detection
    • Continuous loading
    • STAT capabilities
    • Automatic pre / post-dilution
    • Automatic Re-run
Reagent Management
    • Barcoded cassettes
    • Optimized test packaging
    • Automated reagent inventory and back-up
    • Refrigerated zone with up to 44 positions
    • Extensive onboard test menu
    • User defined channels
Patient Management
    • Work list generated by a manual entry or bi-directional connection
    • Automatic validation based on user-defined rules
    • Intelligent delta checking/li>
    • Panic values monitoring
    • Unlimited patient report archiving
High-Precision Optical System

To meet the requirements of highly accurate photometric measurements, HORIBA ABX has chosen the holographic grating technology developed in collaboration with HORIBA JOBIN YVON.

    • Spectral unit offering 15 different wavelengths (mono or bi-chromatic)
    • Optimized reading by continuous sweep
    • Highly sensitive measuring (validated holographic technology)
    • Space-saving design with maximum efficacy provided by the tungsten lamp. The holographic grating technology reduces light diffraction and provides a high signal / noise ratio which significantly increases the quality of measurement to produce precise and stable test results.
Integrated ISE Module
    • Optional ISE module designed by HORIBA Ltd., Japan.
    • 180 tests/hour
    • Simultaneous analysis of Sodium, Potassium and Chloride
    • Applications on Serum, Plasma and Urine
High quality analytical technology
    • Single-use reaction cuvette to perform the most sensitive tests and all latex assays with high stability results
    • High performance mixer design for optimal mixing in minimum time without cross-contamination.
    • Optimum test sequence setting program with incompatibility function
Cassette packaging
    • Mono / Bi reagent cassettes
    • Ready-to-use
    • Extended range
    • 52 parameters
    • General Chemistries / Specific Proteins
Easy management of your lab processes
    • Random position on board
    • Automatic traceability : lot number, expiration date..
    • Automatic back-up
    • Just one calibrator and two controls for routine analysis
Environment protection
    • Compact cassette packaging that respects the environment
    • No more superfluous packaging
    • Saves refrigerator space
Cost control
    • Optimized number of tests per cassette
    • Limited calibrations
    • Re-run analysis according to laboratory defined rules
    • Activity measurement thanks to the test counter option
Secure Data Management
  • Secured results validation
  • Westgard multirule QC procedure with up to 3 default controls
  • Automatic calibration factor check
  • Selective flagging and reliable traceability in compliance with CLIA requirements
  • Operator login history / Reagents, Calibration and Maintenance logs
  • Full patient results traceability : multi-format option for archives review, end of day patient reports
  • Full QC program : Up to 12-month control history, Levey-Jennings and Statistics
  • Easy export of archived data (USB key)




System Size

40” x 28” x 25” (W x L x H)

System Weight

264 lbs

External Cooling Unit Size

12” x 17” x 16” (W x L x H)

External Cooling Unit Weight

77 lbs



Sound level

< 60 dBa

Operating temperature

from 15 to 32°C

Operating Humidity

from 20 to 85%

Total Power Requirements (with Printer)

1000 VA


De-ionized/Distilled Water – 10L Tank

Water specifications

  • Resistivity > 5 MegOhms
  • Conductivity < 0.2 µS/cm

Computer & Software

Operating system

Windows XP

Data processing

  • 12 inch Color LCD Touch Screen
  • Database Capacity: unlimited results
  • Processor: 600 MHz
  • RC 232C: Patient results, QC to LIS with ASTM protocol

Integrated Validation Station

Quality Control Management

Levey Jennings, Automatic QC, Default controls and Westgard rules


  • Reagents, Quality Control, Calibrations
  • Applications, Maintenance, Sequencing, Flags and Alarms

Export of archived data and Quality Control data (QCP)

USB key

Audible alarms

Interactive Help

HTML Format

Optical System

Tungsten-halogen Lamp

Measurement Principle

  • Bi-chromatic light absorbance
  • Choice of 15 wavelengths from 340 to 700 nm
  • Wavelength selection with holographic grating technology


Photo diode array

Optical Linearity

2.5 A. at 340mm; 3.0 at other wavelengths