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Urine Reagent Strips Overview

Animal Health

Teco’s URS strips are not just for physicians. We offer options for veterinarians as well, such as our VET-10 and VET-BUN strips. Our VET-10 strips detect the same parameters as our URS-10 strips but at ranges more suitable for veterinary use.

Diverse Lineup

Our full line of strips test urine for one to eleven parameters depending on your specific needs, whether it be our URS-10 strips that detect ten parameters or our URS-2P strips that detect glucose and protein in urine samples. We offer customized strips as well.

Rapid Results

Our Urine Reagent Strips allow physicians to detect signs of urinary tract infections, kidney and liver disease, fat breakdown, diabetes, and more – all in about a minute.

Proven Quality

Teco Diagnostics’ world renowned Urine Reagent Strips have been verified in a clinical study for accuracy when compared with the urinalysis tests of other leading manufacturers.

Easy to Use

Just dip the strip in the sample, wait 30 seconds to two minutes, and read. Teco’s Urine Reagent Strips can be read manually with the included color charts or with our automated strip readers.

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