Our Philosophy

“It is our business to make your business as profitable as possible while preserving and advancing the integrity and quality of laboratory work performed.” Therefore we will keep a constant eye out for you, looking for the best economy and technology for your clinical lab.”

LSI has been partnering with clients across the nation for over 30 years. Our expertise in diagnostic equipment for the clinical marketplace is unmatched.  We also partner with proven and respected Lab Consultants who can provide you with expert advice and the necessary manuals to make your lab CLIA proof.


For the last 30+ years all we have done is equip, supply, and support clinical laboratories, and that is all we want to do.

We Believe that by focusing on this one aspect of the Health Care Industry – by SPECIALIZING – We can better serve the needs of our clients, being connected with a wide variety of instrument manufacturers and with a network of other laboratory supply companies.  We are in a position to offer our clients the right instrument or aggregate of instruments that fit their individual needs.  If we can’t get the right product for you, we will guide you in the right direction.  We carefully consider desired menu, work volumes, and available space to arrive at our recommendations.