Clinical Diagnostic Solutions

Medonics M Series  Overview

Clinical Diagnostic Solutions is a global company that manufactures and distributes high quality, cost effective hematology systems. Our commitment is to provide excellent products, ensuring accurate patient outcomes, safety and reliability.

    • Delivers excellent patient results
    • Provides an automated cost effective solution
    • Standard with all systems giving you positive patient identification and reduces transcription errors
    • No daily shutdown, engineered to eliminate lengthy cleaning
    • Highly reliable, excellent uptime record

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CDS M-Series
    • 16 parameter, 3 part differential systems designed to provide fast, accurate and reliable patient results with ease
Patient Outcomes
    • High quality engineering and technology ensures system precision resulting in sample accuracy. This concept and design will reduce repeats, send outs and manual intervention
Simple to Use
    • Touch screen displays and on board step by step instruction makes operation easy. Bar coding, cap piercing and auto sampling reduce errors and ensure positive patient identification
Cost Effective
  • Saves time and money with a complete system that is virtually maintenance free. It also eliminates the need for expensive consumables for handling finger sticks and reduces the need for service support.