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LabDAQ Laboratory Information System

LabDAQ Laboratory Information System (LIS) is a trusted system used by thousands of physicians and laboratory professionals every day. LabDAQ LIS can be found in virtually every clinical laboratory environment including hospitals, clinics, physician offices and reference laboratories.

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LabDAQ can be customized to meet the needs of many types of facilities such as Pain Management and Student Health Clinics, Veterinary Practices, Toxicology and Specialty Testing Reference Laboratories. The “client-specific configuration” allows CompuGroup Medical to deliver a customized software solution, designed for your facility.

LabDAQ is a scalable solution that is able to grow with your facility. Additional interfaces and modules are available and can be added at any time based on the changing demands of your laboratory. LabDAQ’s integration with the EHR will assist with meeting Meaningful Use criteria. Continuous product improvement and unsurpassed product support have been the keys to LabDAQ’s success and have established a market leadership position for the product.

LabDAQ is the center of laboratory interoperability, providing the ability to effectively share data in real-time. Experience total integration throughout your facility with the ability to rapidly process orders and disseminate results, providing the ultimate benefit in efficiency to your practice. The flow of demographics and orders, from the EHR to LabDAQ and a billing and results export from LabDAQ provides your facility with total connectivity.

Incorporating laboratory test results as structured data will assist your facility in meeting a menu set objective when working towards Meaningful Use (MU) compliance. An interface between LabDAQ and a certified EHR fulfills this objective and assists with obtaining MU incentives and stimulus dollars.

Increased Patient Safety

Patient care is of the highest importance for all healthcare professionals. With the shortage in qualified laboratory professionals, it’s important to be sure you are running a lean operation without sacrificing patient care. LabDAQ improves efficiency while reducing errors and making certain that results are precise, accurate, and available to providers as quickly as possible. The system will enhance patient care in your office with various features including:

  • Specimen labels ensure samples are accurately identified at the time of collection and through all phases of testing
  • The extensive Quality Control functions assists with qualitative and quantitative QC documentation
  • QC can be scheduled
  • QC rules can be established so that results are not reported if QC has not been run or is unacceptable
  • Results can be faxed, emailed and/or exported to the EHR upon completion
  • Critical call logs and audit reports are available

Improved Workflow

LabDAQ is easily configured to fit into your facility’s unique environment. The LIS will automate the pre-analytic, analytic and post-analytic activities, freeing up staff and allowing providers to see more patients.

Regulatory and HIPAA Compliance

CompuGroup Medical works closely with regulatory agencies to ensure that we provide you with tools to assist with compliance. LabDAQ has an established record of updating software to meet new regulations and preparing for future changes. Quality Control reports can be automatically generated in minutes based on control results stored in the system. Your laboratory inspections will require less preparation with LabDAQ.