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(LIS) Software Overview

Schuyler House produces a full-featured suite of (LIS) Software – Laboratory Information Systems and medical information systems for the laboratory and clinical practice.

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What is an LIS?

A Laboratory Information System is a computer software product that coordinates all of the work done in your laboratory.  It interfaces with instruments, produces worksheets for bench work, and monitors QC.  The computer saves all of this data (forever!) and prints consolidated reports on the patient.  SchuyLab also acts as laboratory record storage, performing delta checks of current data against prior results and letting you print management reports showing how many tests your lab has performed.  SchuyLab performs all CLIA required data functions for your laboratory.

SchuyLab is completely scalable:

Our users include physician offices and their associated laboratories, large-scale reference labs with hundreds of clients, and hospitals. All our products feature powerful, intuitive graphical user interfaces that combine an easy learning curve with a streamlined workflow. This graphical interface allows experienced users to perform tasks quickly and efficiently, and minimizes training time for new users.

Schuyler House’s smallest sites consist of a single computer station, interfaced to one analyzer that performs a dozen or so accessions in the course of a day.  This low priced entry to the laboratory market lets you get your laboratory off the ground with a minimum of investment.  Yet this small system has many abilities usually associated with large LIS’s:  delta check, full QC with Levey-Jennings charts, management reports, etc.

On the other end of the spectrum, Schuyler House’s largest sites perform complex testing on thousands of accessions per day…and continue doing this reliably year after year.  SchuyLab Pro has additional capabilities crafted for large laboratories, and there are a plethora of modules to select from to customize your system for your needs. SchuyLab can also connect to your EMR/HIS/EHR and transmits results directly to that system, relieving you of the need to print and distribute reports to your doctors.