Uri-Trak 120 Overview

The Uri-Trak® 120 Urine Analyzer is an economical system that allows physician offices and laboratories the accuracy and consistency of advanced technology in urine chemistry testing. The analyzer uses state-of-the-art electronics to accurately and efficiently read the Stanbio Uri-Chek® 10SG urine test strips.

  • Minimal Training Time Ease-of-use and user-friendly features make testing simple.
  • Data Storage Recalls the last 2,000 test results.
  • Medium Throughput Capability Up to 120 tests per hour in continuous test mode.
  • Lockout Functions QC and user lockout programmable.
  • Built-in Thermal Printer Automatic or manual, up to 3 copies per test, uses thermal or sticker paper.
  • Barcode Reader Available Provides quick easy entry of patient ID.

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Sample Type: Urine

Results: Qualitative and semi-quantitative

Parameters: Urobilinogen, Glucose, Ketones, Bilirubin, Protein, Nitrite, pH, Blood, Specific Gravity and Leukocytes